Ulterior Talks: Interview with the olympian weightlifter Andrés Mata

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Andrés, can you introduce yourself briefly?
My name is Andrés Mata and I am an 27 years old olympic weightlifter from Spain. 

You are an Olympian Weightlifter how did you started?
I began lifting weights when I was 13, in my hometown there is a gym and one of my coaches was looking for kids to start training in schools, at some point my cousins started training and I used to be with them in the afternoon so I started training too. 

What does it feel like when you represent your country?
It’s amazing to see how so much effort translates into take part in high level competitions representing all the people of my country, even more in the Olympic Games, it’s a very special feeling. 

How do you keep yourself motivated over the time?
I used to motivate my self getting stronger, so I train a lot by discipline at the beggining but my motivation increase when the competitions gets closer and my overall strenght and technique are very tuned. 

What’s your biggest inspiration?
The goals, I want to win my old self so I am my toughest opponent every time. 

How important is flexibility for you in your sportswear?
It is VERY important, I can not train without flexible wear because all the movements we do, snatches, deep squats and so on requires flexible wear. 

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