Ulterior Talks: Interview with athlete Vanderley Panzo

“Nothing is given, everything is earned”

Hi Vanderley, can you introduce yourself briefly?
Hi, my name is Vanderley Panzo Bokesa, I’m 21 years old. I am currently studying graphic design, I am a model and athlete.

When did you start competing?
I started competing 6 years ago.

How do you stay motivated over time?
I stay motivated over time thanks to my family also with music. Know that the body has no limits.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration has always been my family, especially my brother.

How important is the clothes you wear when you run?
It is very important since everything counts and if you feel better with that garment you will feel better when training or competing.

Can you give us three tips to become an athlete?
Attitude, discipline and motivation.

Instagram IG: @bokesa02

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