Our Vision


Ulterior is an innovative, functional and lifestyle premium label. With a philosophy based in versatility and sustainability, the Brand has created the most avant-grade athleisure wear. A life-sport background and a set of values that highlight healthy lifestyle and integrity, the label is made for curious, adventurous and conscious people. Designed in Madrid, Ulterior has landed worldwide with the aim of offering multifunctional garments that are futuristic while practical.

Our Promise

Sustainability, desing and versatility.

Technology allows fashion houses to create futuristics designs with reused fabrics. Sustainability is a key subject for Ulterior and it has been translated in the creation of three of our products in our first drop.

The ECO-Tee Crew Neck, The ECO-Tee Round V Neck and the amazing Lightweight Biker Jacket in teal colour. All of them are made of 100% recycled nylon. Helping you to enjoy the outdoors while having a good environmental impact is our purpose and creating premium garments with outstanding details is our solution.

Innovative Apparel For Exploration Voyages
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