How waterproof is waterproof ?

Una lista de las 10 mejores películas de los ochenta para viajar en el tiempo


Completely waterproof, highly breathable and ready to wear.


The water resistance rating refers to the amount of rainfall a fabric can tolerate in 24 hours, for a material to be considered waterproof it hast to certify a minimum rating of 1500 mm if its less is water resistant but not waterproof.

Ulterior´s engineered garments don’t let water sneak through, pieces like the Hard Sheel Hooded Jacket which can withstand heavy rain and extreme weather conditions.

A water resistance rating of 10,000mm (UNI EN 20811) and a breathability rating of 10.000g mix with fully taped seams are the design choices that ensure extra warmth when you wear our pieces.


                                                           Do you want to be whether ready? Wear Ulterior.



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