Ulterior Talks: Interview with wildlife photographer and cinematographer Misha Wilcockson

“All good things are wild and free”


Can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Misha Wilcockson, I am a 24 year old wildlife photographer and cinematographer from London, England. I grew up in London, went to university at Stanford in California and now work in southern Africa on wildlife film projects for National Geographic and the BBC.

You are a photographer, how did you develop this passion?

Before I came along, my mother worked as a camerawoman for the BBC on documentary films. She stopped when my sister and I came along, but she always made sure we had access to cameras growing up. As a result, I took a lot of photos all through my childhood and studied photography (along with mathematics and economics) through to my final year of school. But I never really considered it a career path, until working with social media opened up that option for me. And once the door was opened, I never looked back.

You are also the founder of @traveler, what’s the mission of the media agency?

Our mission is mainly about showing the beauty of the natural world to as many people as possible – getting them enthusiastic about nature and preserving it. We focus primarily on millennials and place a strong emphasis on sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation. We work mainly with NGOs and wildlife-based tourism companies where possible, but a lot of the work I do with @traveler has taken a bit of a back seat in the last year or so as a result of other projects.

¿Cuál es tu mayor inspiración?

My inspiration always comes from looking back on where I was, how far I’ve come, and how far I want to go. Of course I look up to many people – sports professionals, business moguls and great orators – but I can’t say I have a single role model. I just try to be the best version of myself and wake up every day trying to accomplish at least one thing.Can you give us a tip for taking a good shot while traveling?If you can, get a camera and a lens with an aperture that goes wider than f/2.8. Anything you shoot between f/1.4 and f/2.8 will look great. Always take most of your photos during golden hour (where possible) – that is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. And most importantly, have fun and stay safe while doing it!

How important for sustainability for you in clothing?

It is very important. I honestly don’t really buy many clothes anymore because I have enough and anything I buy new is excess. If my shoes wear out of course I will buy a new pair, but in general I try to refrain from buying “things”, and when I do I try to make sure they aren’t harming the planet in some way.


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