Travel from home: A movement for the Ulterior community

We haven't been everywhere but it is on our list


The Ulterior team wants to bring you along on a journey.

We are all at home right now and one of the things we miss the most is traveling and visiting amazing places. Getting to know different cultures, people and histories is so wonderful.

Ulterior is an innovative brand designed in Madrid, that sells worldwide with an adventurous spirit we wanted to share with you some travels that had inspired us the for creating the label.

Madrid: Where everything is designed, the starting point.

Barcelona: When Ulterior Started the Social Media Team was based in Barcelona a big creative spot.

New York: The city where we opened our first physical selling point at the Wolf&Badger Boutique. This was BIG dream come true.

London: A city we travelled for design inspiration and the second spot where Ulterior placed the collection in a physical selling point at the Wolf&Badger Boutique.

Tokyo: The Ulterior Social Media Team travelled to this avant-garde capital to get inspired for bringing the best Instagram & Facebook content.

The Ulterior Social Media Team wants you to share your happiest & coolest travel pictures /videos on your Instagram account with the hashtag #travelfromhome and mentioning @ulterior_brand in order to be able to #travelfromhome all together!

Share it #travelfromhome join the movement!


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