Why the Fabric of Your Clothes Matters

In Ulterior the quality of the fabric always comes first


The fabric choice is the most important decission of the fashion design process. A wrong choice of fabric means the creation of a bad quality garment. The creation of an outfit begins with the designing of the finest fabric.

The possibilities that the market offers rigth now are so wide as the technology has taken a huge development it has come up with different varieties and functions. Therefore, only a true specialist can make a difference.

Raúl García, CEO of Ulterior has been for many years a product developer before funding the brand and that is why the creation of every Ulterior piece starts with finding the best and most avant-grade material for the desing we have in mind.

A good quality of the fabric is important because it makes wearing an outfit a pleasant experience, it also gives you the protection and the freedom you need for taking the world by storm and be the best version of yourself.

Factors like sustainability, movility, superior confort, breathability, pill and snag resistance, and UV protection have been taking into account for creating our capsule collection.

Enjoying the world is your duty and prepare you for it is our promisse.

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