Destination: The Highlands

Travel to The Highlands with Ulterior


The Highlands is a Paradise located in Scotland and its landscape will take your breath away. Kilometers of fields, mountains and no signal for your pone are the perfect combination for disconnecting from your daily life and connecting with yourself. If you are wondering which places are worth the visit here you have a list:


So much myth, legend and history precedes a visit to the expanse of Glencoe and Loch Leven, that many visitors are unprepared for the sheer beauty and breathtaking serenity of this vast sweeping pass. With each of the four seasons, new waves of color wash across the sharply steepening foothills up to the massive angular peaks that push into an ever-changing sky. Summer and winter alike, there is never a dull moment – these lands have been a fitting setting for centuries of drama.

Steall Waterfall

 Visit the second highest waterfall in Scotland on this short walk in Glen Nevis. Steall waterfall is a spectacular sight dropping 120 meters (390 ft) down a rockface. The walk begins at the car park near the falls and follows a good footpath through the lovely Nevis Gorge. You’ll pass along the River Nevis, through woodland and meadows with wonderful views of the surrounding mountains. It’s a stunningly beautiful place and one of the most popular walks in the area.

Loch Nevis Wild

Places and wildlife, our vessel Cyfish offers exceptional opportunities to view nature in its time frame and try some sea angling, we also visit remote places to dine that are surrounded by stunning vistas. A slow cruise, keeping inshore around the environs and seascapes of the Knoydart Peninsula, it is an ideal way to explore and engage with wild, natural places.

What to wear?

The Highlands is an unpredictible weather region with shower rains and also sunny days. Therefore, you are going to need a light jacket with a detachable hood. Wearing a technical tee is the best option because they allow every movement and protect from the sun radiation. Paring those two upper parts with some sport trousers is the perfect combination. You will not only be weather ready but also protected and free to move all around Scotland.


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