Ulterior Talks: Interview with artist and fashion illustrator Robso

“Creativity takes courage”


Robso, can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hi, I’m an illustrator mainly focused in fashion. My work is geometric, contrasting and dynamic.

I’m freelance, so that gives me the opportunity to explore different outputs and interact with many people in the industry. 

You are an artist how did you started?
I started doing it as a hobby, it was something that I enjoyed since I was very little.I learned a lot of traditional techniques, and eventually started to focus on doing fashion illustration. I’m obsessed with visual arts and all kind of references, so that has shaped a lot of how I see and reinterpret things. I started sharing my work on a blog, and then with the boom of social media I got to expand my network, and it has taken me to where I am right now. 

Which kind of relationship do you have as a professional with the fashion industry?
My role as an illustrator in this industry is to understand what the client needs and looks for, It’s usually about trying to find a visual solution together, an illustration for editorial has a different set of needs in comparison to a promotional image, so every project brings a different nature to the relationships I make with clients. I think trust is a big factor here, when the clients trusts what I do, the project goes smoothly and it even takes it further than we expect it to. 

What’s your biggest inspiration?
It’s hard to describe when there are so many factors involved, but I’m very inspired by shapes an silhouettes. I think that’s the first thing that I notice about garments that I like to illustrate. In my mind I start to think about ways to make a composition that can show you those shapes in a different point of view. 

Can you give us a few tips for creating your own aesthetic as an artist? 

In my experience the most important ones have been observation, practice and patience. Those three are essential for any creative that wants to find their own voice or style, it depends on every person. Another thing is to find things that inspire you, outside your practice, like sculpture, music or film, those are great ways to have a broader vision. 

Talking about your incredible personal style, what is your favorite thing to wear?

A black overshirt, I have a wide fit tapered pair of pants I love and my white Reebok Instapumps.

How important is versatility for you in clothing?

Personally that’s one of the things I have in mind when buying clothes, I try to stick to pieces that are made with sturdy textiles and that I can mix easily.


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