Ulterior Talks: Interview with architect Manuel Cervantes

“Architecture is just art we live in”


Manuel, can you introduce yourself briefly?
I’m 43 years old , father of 3 and married with a wonderful woman, i am an architect and have a studio based in Mexico City.

You are an architect how did you develop this passion?

The aesthetics was always something relevant for me, the production of elements and design where around me all the time ( in my games, drawings and interests ). I think that I end up doing architecture because is the best way I can express my self.

When it comes to creating a new space or structure what is your inspiration?

Inspiration cames always from a yuxtaposición of análisis, the site, the context, the culture, the people and economy, analyzing that is that I end up having spaces and atmospheres in my head.

How important are plants and nature in the projects you build?

Landscape it’s everything in my projects, we start imagining everything from the landscape.

What is something that you recomend everyone to have at their home?
Positive attitude

What are your three basic garments?

Light jacket, black jeans & white shirt.

Can you describe your perfect outfit?
Something that looks clean cut ( formal in a way )  but feels casual I think it’s relevant to feel comfortable without looking lazy.

How important is the shape of the pieces for you in your wardrobe?

Very relevant, I think that shape is key on everything design, I think that “wardrobe pieces” are like any other design in life, I love to where pieces with soul, and design passion on it.



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