Ulterior Talks: Interview with professional windsurfer Amado Vrieswijk

” Without self-discipline, success is impossible “


Amado, can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Amado Vrieswijk, born on 23-01-1996 on the little island in the Caribean called Bonaire. I have been windsurfing sinds I was 7 years old. At the moment 2nb in the world with the windsurfing freestyle discipline.

You are 3x Vice World Champion how did you started?

I used to always swim and play around with boards that where laying on the beach, until one day I saw a friend getting his first lesson on this big beginner board and super small sail.

When he was finished with his lesson I asked if I could try and I sailed away, the only tips that I got is ( mast forward the nose will go downwind.. mast backwards the nose of the board will go against the wind ) after this I was hooked and was hard to get of the water.

What are the key features a professional windsurfer has to have?

Dedication, perseverance and being as fit as possible

Whats your daily routine?

When im back on Bonaire its always time to start preparing for the next season so there will be allot of fitness involved.

I have a coach wich I train 3 times a week with at 6:45 in the morning.. then normally if its a nice and windy day at 9 I will be at the beach and spend around 1,5 hour on the water.

Besides spending as much time on the water I have a strict diet which has 5 meals a day so I have specific times to eat 

The wind normally drops around noon here on the island so mostly I will spend time at home and rest for the evening session which is around 4:30 until 6.00

¿Cómo te mantienes motivado con el paso del tiempo?

I Just love this sport, I gues being a professional windsurfer and having the ocean as your office is not bad at all.. 

My main dicelpine is freestyle, but besides that I also spend allot of time training in slalom,foil and waves.

So I always mix the diceplines up so I don’t get bored of doing the same everyday.

What is your biggest inspiration?

Windsurfing for me is not just a sport.. its a lifestyle.. 

I always want to be the best at what I do so im pushing the level of windsurfing as much as I can.. 

How important are the technical and performance fabrics for you in your sportswear?

Being comfortable is key, so having the right sportswear makes it easier and saver as well.



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